A Forever Recovery Battle Creek MI Offers Comprehensive Addiction Rehabilitation

A Forever Recovery Battle Creek MIA Forever Recovery, Battle Creek, MI drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, is a unique facility where struggling addicts can come to create a new path towards wellness. The A Forever Recovery (AFR) facility has welcomed numerous clients who have gone on to experience long-term recovery, through the unique benefits offered via Moral Reconation Therapy™. AFR offers a comprehensive continuum of treatment programs and resources for individuals struggling with addiction to substances including alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and prescription medications.

A Fresh Start

The conditions and challenges that each AFR client faces are incredibly unique to the individual; however, the staff of this facility recognizes that all enter with a desire to create a positive life away from drug and/or alcohol abuse. Some clients, with the support of family and friends, come to A Forever Recovery Battle Creek, MI, to face and overcome addiction for the first time. Others may have tried other rehabilitation programs, only to find they have relapsed into negative patterns of substance abuse.

AFR believes that it is important for all clients to experience the opportunity for open-ended treatment that is uniquely crafted to the personal needs of each individual. Whether one is attempting addiction recovery for the first time or is hoping to find a new strategy, AFR offers a wide range of treatment programs that can help individuals take the time necessary to heal and enter back into the world with newfound hope and self-esteem.

Treatment Programs

Every client who enters the AFR facility must first go through its top-notch detoxification and withdrawal clinic, Tranquility Detox. Here, clients take the time they need to rid their bodies of whatever substance they are addicted to. Although the detox process can be difficult, it is immensely important, as it allows trusted medical professionals to observe the specific nature of the client’s addiction and determine if it is necessary to employ the use of withdrawal medications. In some cases, an addict may suffer from a physical dependency in which his or her body has come to rely on a substance—as is often the case with alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opiates. In these cases, a person may experience severe withdrawal symptoms without their drug of choice; however, with the doctor’s approval, medication can help diminish these withdrawal symptoms and ease the detoxification process.

After an individual has completed detoxification and withdrawal, they are approved to move to the main facility where they remain until they have graduated from the AFR program. A Forever Recovery Battle Creek, MI believes that it is not until a person is clean from substances that he or she can start to assess the emotional and environmental factors that have contributed to and supported an addiction.

Using a foundation of Moral Reconation Therapy, clients come to regain trust in themselves and in others, while simultaneously reshaping reasoning skills and improving behavioral responses. During this process, clients are invited to experience a wealth of therapeutic and counseling options that can help target and treat the specific needs of the individual. Here are some of the programs that the A Forever Recovery Battle Creek, MI facility offers:

  • Faith-Based

Those who have a Christian background and find strength in Jesus Christ will often benefit from partaking in AFR’s faith-based track. With the help of counselors who are experienced working with Christians in the church atmosphere, clients can rediscover their beliefs, the power of prayer and the lessons of the Lord. With these pillars of faith, individuals will have a greater chance at moving forward in life and making the right decisions, as they are guided by the positivity that Christ conveys to them.

  • Indigenous

Although some clients may benefit from lessons in Christianity, others may find that their spiritual needs lie in other beliefs and cultures. For Native Americans, this can prove difficult, as there are few recovery programs in the country that uniquely address their cultural beliefs. However, AFR offers an indigenous track which utilizes unique tools designed by the White Bison Wellbriety Movement. Using a 12-step program and a resource known as the “Medicine Wheel,” Native American clients are able to reestablish their life path, learn from elder values and reunite with their community and heritage.

  • Cognitive

While many may find guidance from outside sources—such as those provided by religion, heritage and spirituality—others may benefit from correcting their behavior through their own mental processes. Through the AFR cognitive track, clients can rely on a wide range of resources and services—including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy—to discover a new sense of empowerment from within to establish new behaviors and decision-making skills.

A Forever Recovery Battle Creek, MI Offers More Treatment Programs

  • Self-Help

Similar to the self-empowering nature of the cognitive track, the self-help track allows clients to discover new methods to guide themselves through recovery. By creating a new foundation through Moral Reconation Therapy, clients can build new skills by attending self-help support groups, fellowships and other recovering communities.

  • Holistic

Many programs address the state of the mind when it comes to addiction, but some may also feel that it is necessary to rebuild physical health through the AFR holistic track. In addition to the mental benefits associated with counseling, holistic clients can utilize body fortification resources to improve health and take educational courses on subjects, such as philosophy and spirituality. With the holistic program, clients can truly achieve a balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Taking the Necessary Time

Some individuals who have pursued addiction rehabilitation before may have found that a particular program—such as those ordered by the court—was not beneficial because it did not allow the client enough time to heal and recover. While these programs may have provided a helpful start, some may find that it was not enough to ensure a long-term recovery.

At A Forever Recovery Battle Creek, MI, clients have the benefit of experience open-ended treatment. This concept means that any individual can take the time they need to fully pursue a treatment program and graduate with full confidence that they can maintain recovery. It is for this reason that the facility requires all clients to undergo complete detoxification and withdrawal before even approaching treatment options. While it may seem like a long and arduous journey, A Forever Recovery Battle Creek, MI is prepared to offer support and necessary resources to those looking for a new solution to addiction recovery.